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RE: Health Insurance bill good start!

Smart policy I guess if you are poor and sick, but not for everyone else. There are some people at AT&T that aren’t going to like this new overhaul come 2012. I agree that there are some changes that need to happen in our healthcare system, but this is not the right change.

You should not judge this legislation by how it affects you, but by how it affects the whole country. That is the motivation for the President.

This is the reason I vote. Voting is how I let elected officials know how I feel about policies and laws. I’m not one to sit back and let the government tell me, “believe such and such and everything is going to work out the best for the country.” My vote is not a big voice in the grand scheme of things, but if the majority of the people feel the way I do, then apparently the way legislation affects me is also a reflection of how it is affecting the majority of the country.

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Let me make a quick correction. If you’re poor you can qualify for medicaid, so the population that it’s a “smart policy” for would be those who just miss medicaid and are sick.

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