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The true solution

Now, I know Berry likes to make riots and start pitchforking people, but I think education is a better solution than your “final solution” plan. Honestly, if we educate our kids enough, they’ll learn to carefully examine religious groups and cults that approaches them in the future. It is, I believe, the only way to preserve a democratic society while keeping certain “bad elements” in check. Here, however, I am not implying Scientology is the bad element since I do not know much about it. I think emphasis on education in areas of general psychology, philosophy, history, and current politics is much needed and desired. These four fields provides our future children with enough fundamentals to dive into the world and not be swallowed up by some charismatic cult[could also be religion] leader. Then again, it does seem quite idealistic of me to rely on good education as the key to solving major societal problems.

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RE: The true solution by scottb

I agree that education is the way to go. Unfortunately, an education that teaches people to differentiate between Scientology and nonsense ends up pushing a lot of the more mainstream religions into the “nonsense” category, and people get pissed at that.

Homeschooling has gotten a very bad name because it appears that a substantial majority of homeschooling parents do so in order to more effectively indoctrinate their children into their religious beliefs. The most popular biology textbooks used in home schools very nearly reject evolution outright in favor of explicitly Christian creationist models.

My sister would scream at me for saying that—she’s a huge champion of homeschooling and her boys are great examples of how well it can work, and she’s definitely not in the indoctrination camp, but the numbers don’t lie.

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