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Another kind of disability

I was the patient on an ambulance trip from College Station to Dallas, TX (about a three hour drive) once. The EMT in the back slept the whole way (except when the ambulance had a blowout).

I wonder which is a better: an awake-but-blind EMT, or a not-blind-but-sleeping EMT

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When my wife first started riding as an EMT and began learning who was “really hopping out to save you” we had a running joke for awhile to never get hurt on a Wednesday since you’d get a crew of nothing but kids.

So there’s a two edged sword there. On the one hand, you are getting kids involved with civic duty and performing real community service while learning a skill. However, sometimes the maturity level of the crews drops to the point that they become a liability either from joyriding (and subsequently wrecking) the ambulances or not having the maturity to give up looking cool when it counts and doing the right thing.

The problem you really run into is the mature crews have become friends and don’t want to split up for the sake of supervising the immature ones. So you end up with nights of professional behavior and nights of hooligan behavior.

You had a serious head injury didn’t you………………………

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