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Just a lack of experience

I have to disagree with this guy completely.

I think mainly he is complaining about his lack of experience using C. I used to think other peoples code was CRAP before I had any experience. I’m sure I would think the same way again if I tried to jump disciplines to web development.

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I think mainly he is complaining about his lack of experience using C

This is partly true. I worked in C lightly for 2 years before this, but my main focus in my career has been in Java and web development (where there are standards in place to make code easier to maintain instead of a badge of honor for its complexity and opacity.

This is also partly false because I work with lots of long time C/C++ programmers and they just shake their heads and say “better you than me” when they have to sit in on our code reviews.

Disagree with me all you want, but code that people 10 years later have a chance of understanding without intimate knowledge of the system is better than code that makes sense to you but is not obvious to others (and others, in this context, means coders who have been programming a while, I am not expecting my wife to be able to come in and understand what is going on). Hey, if you want to write typical C code, more power to you. Just let me know, so I don’t ever work with you and have to maintain your code.

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