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This site has so many cliques its become useless to use the nerd-it system

I’ve noticed the raging debate started by Occams.

This thread only exaccerbates that debate, ironically by the one’s who called foul in the first place, who are now giving positive nerd-its to those who agree with them and negative nerd-its to those who don’t.

If you disagree, then you need only take a look in the mirror.

And you wonder why the conservative voices have been “drowned” out on this site.

Oh the humanity.

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Cliques? by Jackson

Before I address the other, less topical, points in your post, one question:

  • Do you then feel it is a conservative view point to oppose the AGW theory? I have gotten several responses some which point to yes, some which point to no. Just wondering.

And now for the rest.

I am sure that this site will, like America, swing between conservative and liberal majorities. When I participated in the site in 2006, it was so inundated with vocal conservatives that no other viewpoints were ever offered. In a few years, I think it will probably swing back.

Do you have an example of a “clique” to which you refer? I know the old clique used to be willwaddell, jmarkdavison, LordDilly and others, but now I don’t know, since they rarely make appearances these days.

The Nerd-It system is flawed in the way you suggest. I try to only mark down things that are clearly trolling. The most I do otherwise is not mark it up. And I try to mark up well thought out responses regardless of my position (like GreatWhiteDork and Travis’s). But as we discussed in the threads started by markmcb, there is nothing better out there yet.

I’ve noticed the raging debate started by Occams.

Not guilty. It was started by Jackson, and when it went nowhere he tried to revive a worthy topic and I decided to help him.

OK, perhaps we should not feed those who do not understand the extent of their own ignorance. “Don’t feed the trolls” is the conventional wisdom on Omninerd, but there is another view. These people have come to us attracted by a topic which they feel passionately about, possibly because their passions have been worked up by conservative radio commentators who they respect.

I think it is great if such people can be shown that there are all kinds of holes in the noisy rhetoric of the shock jocks. Is it better to keep their silly posts off our site to save embarrassment, or is it better to engage them and hope that they will come to understand why so many people disagree with them?

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