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Come on, Nerds. This article is awesome

I should have written a current events article instead of being lazy and dropping a link. This guy brings up some interesting points and I know a lot of people on this site think climate change is a load of hooey.

Consider this a “bump” for my link.

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I would love to be a climate change denier. It must be a real comfortable feeling.

However, how can I reject all that science unless I can duplicate their research, but do it properly, my way.

My PC, though it be a core 2 quad with 2.8 GHz and 4 GB, still cannot manipulate those massive climate data sets. Even if it could, I do not have the mathematics needed to drive the statistical packages and draw out the trends.

I am amazed at how well equipped and mathematically educated so many of our conservative commentators and politicians are.

I just have to trust those who have proven that they can do it.

I agree, it is a good article, but I’m not sure there’s much useful discussion there.

He’s right — the emails are damaging politically, even though they don’t affect the scientific conclusion. The denialists are certainly trying to wring them for all they’re worth, and some jobs are probably going to be sacrificed on the altar of political necessity.

Certainly, there’s a lesson to be learned for scientists, but it’s not a new one. Emails are discoverable — you can’t say stuff in email that you wouldn’t want to say on the stand in court.

Denialists of all stripes—global warming denialists, anti-vaxxers, birthers, creationists, whatever—share a common meme: a kind of martyr complex. They’re being persecuted by a conspiracy, usually of scientists. It makes a good story, but it’s still fiction.

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Aside by Jackson

If anyone is paying attention, apparently pimping your own submissions does in fact work to get the ball rolling sometimes!

Why would it matter if a lot of people thought climate change is a load of hooey? Reality is not based on the opinions of ignorant slobs, not even if they are in the majority. FYI, a lot of people think evolution is a load of hooey as well; they are about as credible as the ACC deniers.

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