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What about..

Vlad Å¢epeÅŸ—Vlad the Impaler?

Seriously..I chose William the Conqueror—but only because there is a slight possibility that he is in my family tree somewhere.

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RE: What about.. by VnutZ

I’m just surprised that Super Bad Ass Sweet Daddy VnutZ isn’t anywhere on the list. That fellow is menacing ….

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RE: What about.. by LordDilly

Now I wish I’d replaced Erik the Red with Vlad. oh, well. As for William the Conqueror, I love the simplicity in his name. "I am James the blacksmith, I make horseshoes." "I am Richard the Farmer, I grow food." "I am William the Conqueror. ’Nuff said."

Willie’s name before the Battle of Hastings in 1066 was William the Bastard. After it was down to "Billy the Bad-Ass" or "William the Conqueror," but they figured the latter pretty much covered it.

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