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The British

I think that not enough people appreashiate how much the British had in WW1 and WW2, they were right in there every single time fighting againest supreshion and dictatorship, dying to defend freedom, a right that they invented and spread across the world. they took the full force of the nazi’s, and they stood tall againest it. And after the war, no-one rebiuld there economie, yet they got back on there feet and continued to burn through the ages as one of the true superpowers of the world.

as for the american war of indipendence, i don’t think anyone can blaim them for defending there land, hte general idea of democracy was already invented years befor hand, and the war only really came around because the Americans realised that it would make more economic sence to become indipendent from Britain. The French didn’t have any vested interest in freeing the american collonies from British rule, only for getting back at the British after they defeated them countless times in the wars that had been going on between them for hundreds of years.

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RE: The British by Occams

I agree that the British effort in both world wars is not appreciated by most Americans. They are a very courageous people who fought alone with their backs to the wall (before we arrived after being kicked by Japan) and they never gave up. Their contribution was more critical and timely than that of America, even if it was not as lavish. This includes the former British colonies and Dominions – Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa.

The point here about the real winner of the American War of Independence is to show that the 13 American rebel colonies did not win that war independently. In fact they would have lost it without the magnificently successful intervention from the French – which we had been begging them to do for years. After that, the French could have made those states its colonies – BUT FRANCE DECIDED TO GIVE THE NEW USA ITS INDEPENDENCE.

There is a growing view in this country that the French are cowardly "cheese eating surrender monkeys" This is total bullshit, reflecting American ignorance not only of France but also of its own origins.

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RE: The British by Anonymous

I admire the British too for their attitude in the world wars and many things they brought to this world, however they didn’t invent “Freedom”, as you claim, and weren’t the only ones to spread it around the world (France, USA and others did too)

Your post seems pretty Francophobe.

You claim that Britain defeated France countless times before; that makes you sound like a “freedom fries” lover. France, arguably the most powerful of the European powers since its victory against the Spanish Empire, had at the time won most of its wars with England/Britain (and against most European countries). It had indeed lost the Seven Years War in North-America, but mostly because Britain, protected from the more militarily powerful European powers by the British Channel, used its superior navy to send a massive force there, greatly outnumbering the French ones, France being at this time mostly busy fighting pretty much all its neighbours at the same time, as usual.

You are right to say that France only helped the US to have its revenge against Britain, but if you think the US, for example, got involved in the world wars by generosity, then you are a fool…

(By the way, you seem to forget that the British, just like most Europeans, were for a long time quite tyrannical. For example, their fight against Napoleonic France, supposedly in the name of Freedom and peace, was pure hypocrisy, for many reasons… It was more “Bad vs Bad” than “Good vs Bad”.

Also, tons of countries fought in the World Wars, some even harder than Britain, which had the possibility to survive and stand against oppression throught BOTH world wars mostly because of the protection of the British Channel… Don’t let your admiration for a country deny the achievements of other countries, particulary a country such as France and particulary when talking about the American War of Independence, considering both its political role and its philosophical role (most of the great Enlightment philosophers that influenced the American Revolution being French) in it.)

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