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Well Europe didn't win

There are many questions to answer on this topic, I will try to be concise. First of Britain at the time was a country will a Madman on the throne, who still had a lot of constitutional clout. Therefore we were not a true democracy. That aside, we were at war or being threatened with war by a number of European states namely France and Spain. Plus trying to hold onto a number of foreign interests in other countries. Oh plus the Jacobites and Irish were also playing up at this point. The British were spread incredibly thin on the ground.

Also the British army at the time had not adopted or learnt modern warfare tactics and still preferred to walk up to the enemy and fire. However as successfully used against them time and again the Americans and Boars in South Africa used strong firepoints concealed ambush and guerilla tactics to enourmous success. The main officer core of the Redcoats had also bought commisions and not risen up via experience and intelligence therefore they had no notion of how to fight a concerted campaign in the US. Now that is not to say we did not have any officers of merit, we did and this would prove our saving grace in France against Napoleon. But we still did not improve on our tactics.

So could the war have been prevented…? Well I think so by rights the US should of had their own parliament to dictate laws and set taxes. Money gained from commerce should have by rights helped to increase the new nation, building schools, roads etc. However self interest won out and money was funneled to the UK coffers.

Australia is a prime example they set their own laws and are by rights still subject the british crown albiet in name only.

I feel that the lessons learnt from the War of Independance have not been taken on board. Iraq is all about Oil the US and Europe are pulling the resources out of these countries just the same as the Uk did to the US.

Maybe if we all pulled together and sorted out the Isreali and Palastine conflict we would not have the hell that our boys are in at the moment.

Anyhow I digress I believe that the winners were the British, why because we got Australia and that is by far the better prize. Mind you I am biased I live there…..!!!

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Iraq is all about Oil the US and Europe are pulling the resources out of these countries

Absolutely true, as I was able to fill my car up with 25 cents a gallon gasoline, what with all the oil that wasn’t already on the market thanks to the Oil-for-food-or-money-for-Saddam-and-the-UN that we’re siphoning out of the country. Iraq isn’t at all about trying to build a stable Arabic democracy in the heart of the Middle East where none exist. Nope, just oil, that we are currently awash in. We have so much Iraqi oil that we water our plants with crude! We swim in it like Scrooge McDuck.

I am always amazed how ideology blinds even the smartest people.

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