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Problem With God

As long as we’re all discussing religion and god here … one of the problems I have is the notion of creation for us. It’s almost counter-intuitive that Earth and its beings are a creation of an almighty god.

  • a god of all-encompassing power ought to find Earth child’s play
  • worship … seriously? he needs/wants it?
    I would be more willing to concede the "god" that most people attribute miracles to is merely an entity to which we cannot understand – yet. An entity (or series of entities) that is amused by its creation, much as a child is with toys. After gaining an understanding of just another life form, I wager the notion of it being a god would fade away and it would just be catalogued into the appropriate biological tree – alienus superpowerus.
    But an omnipotent being with incalculable power that seems to be fascinated with the trivialities of humanity and a penchant for piousness … riiiight. Seems awfully like the creation of primitive mankind’s imagination there – and the fear of that wrath led to generational adoption. After all, what have you got to lose by believing right?
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I don’t understand why one would assume that "an omnipotent being with incalculable power" would be indifferent to the plight of less formidable beings and lack any standard of conduct.

In regards to creation I have heard the following question posed: If we are simply the product of evolution that continue to adapt to our environment, why would we have even started looking outside ourselves for someone to submit to and guide us if that someone did not exist?

I think the fallacy here is that he personally shaped the planet out of clay or something and that all of this didn’t arise out of a system that was set in motion.

As for why would God bother about us? Well, omnipotence and omniscience give you the luxury of being aware of everything and being able to do something about it, unlike the rest of us who have limited control, power and attention spans. Just look at the plunge of my participation here at O-Nerd as further evidence that I am not nearly as close to divine as I thought I was in this regard.

So what’s the bottom line here? Because he cares and because he can. Does he individually and directly shape every little event in the world? No. Is it that he’s hung up on being worshipped? No. I think it’s like a father relationship, trying to mentor us along the way to keep us from killing ourselves. At the same time, I think the approach is subtle and is leading to greater independance and responsibility rather than being a really powerful dictator with a whole lot of magic tricks to fix all of our problems for us.

Oh I 100 percent agree; but wouldn’t you also agree that believing in God makes our crappy life better? Just believing in afterlife and an all powerful being that will protect us is a lot of encouragement to most people.

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