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RE: putting words in my mouth - ptooey, plech

  • Para 1. Fair enough. You would not restrict the free exercise of religion.
  • Everything in paras. 2 & 3 are words in my mouth and 95% untrue garbage.
  • para 4:
    >Free Establishment Clause: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. To me, this means you can go to church as you please, go to temple as you please, go to mosques as you please, perform wicca magic as you please, play with voodoo chicken bones as you please or disbelieve as you please. Everyone can happily think the other side is a bunch of deluded idiots. The moment one side takes arms against another – jail. The moment a government official passes policy favoring one against another – impeachment. The moment government recognizes one religion as official while others are cast aside? America has failed.
    I completely agree with the above paragraph. That said…
    I don’t have to vote for anyone whose views I don’t respect, though, do I? Making me vote for an atheist would restrict my freedom, would it not? Give me permission to vote for anyone I want for any reason. I’m voting for them, not renting them an apartment or interviewing them for a job, after all.
    My secular problems with radical Islam and atheism are not the beliefs themselves but the worldview behind those beliefs. Radical Islam is obviously incompatible with American democracy. In spite of your attempts to me with the Taliban, I see a distinction.
    I totally don’t trust atheism, though—any more than you trust me or my Catholic "Mullah Omar", the Pope. Why?
    Because respect for your fellow man flows only from a belief in God. Democracy and Christianity are joined at the hip, and it is only today that places like Europe are attempting to separate the two. The vitriol and contempt flowing out of you atheists (not so much you) only reinforces that you don’t have that respect.
    I thank God that I live in a country where the majority rules and where we can have laws that respect our cultural traditions.
    Our cultural traditions are firmly rooted in the Judeo-Christian religions. I didn’t make them that way. That’s just what they are. If you don’t like it, I am under no obligation to feel sorry for you, to defer your right not to have your superior intellect offended, to respect what you believe, or to vote for you.
    Naturally, you are under no similar obligations to respect my beliefs, vote for me, etc. Now go commiserate with your 5% club about how upset you were that Tony Dungy thanked God for his Super Bowl win, and about how only an ignorant fool could think there is an Almighty, much less that He cares about football. The intellectual superiority will soon well up inside you and you’ll feel better about being in a small minority.
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God and the Colts by VnutZ

Indeed – fair enough.

But I must comment on:

… Tony Dungy thanked God for his Super Bowl win …

I could care less what he says – he’s not a government official making policy.

But it is an absurd thing to be thankful for. I mean, what beef does God have against the Bears? If the Bears didn’t pray enough – that is akin to gods needing sacrifice and honors in order to perform an act on behalf of humanity. That just screams superficial to me for a being that should be so wonderful. And if God doesn’t like the Bears – is it likely they will be banished to Hell when they arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Maybe God had money riding on Super Bowl XLI. Could you imagine being a Colts player arriving at the Pearly Gates if they’d lost? Old St. Peter would give him the "tsk tsk tsk" while shaking his head. "Too bad you lost Super Bowl XLI. God had $100 riding on that. Guess where you’re going?"

But, if Dungy sees fit to thank God, it seems to imply that he would have been helped to victory by God which means God would not have left the game to chance. This, of course, means 1) God cheats when betting, 2) God appeases those who pray to him over those that pray less and 3) FATE.

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