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RE: % Fuel Consumption Increase over % Speed Increase

This looks like your sweet spot is closer to 65 mph.

Right on the money. I’ve now done two trips from New York City to DC. Slowing down significantly and using cruise control the entire way changed my half tank range from 165 miles to 220 miles. For a Wrangler, that’s nothing short of phenomenal, nearly 25mpg as compared to the previous 18mpg.

It really doesn’t impact on other drivers either. For the most part, 65mph is the speed limit on I-95 anyway and there are enough lanes for all the speeders to not even notice me. What I found really interesting is that when I slowed down, several other cars did as well – falling in line behind me for miles. Maybe they were just looking for an excuse to drive slow without looking ‘weak’ on the highway.

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Cool. Nice to know.

That’s funny about the other drivers. There’s probably something to that. In some areas in Michigan, using your signal for a lane change will cause other drivers to speed up to block you out. Just competetiveness. I sometimes catch myself creeping up over speed limit just because cars are speeding passed me when we are approaching a stoplight. I expect them to cut infront of and then hold up traffic at the light. I guess that’s also due to competitiveness, I get way more frustrated than it’s worth (I know it doesn’t really doesn’t matter whether one or another asshole is infront or behind me).

Another plausible explanation is that they figured you knew the cops were about.

For me, it’s nice to sometimes pick a car moving a reasonable pace, follow, and not think about speed. Just one less thing on the mind (day dreaming while driving probably isn’t very safe though).

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