Obama’s Executive Orders on Gun Control

Washington, DC, December 4.-The President of the United States, Barack Obama, will release tomorrow the executive orders for gun control, including the review of criminal records of potential buyers.


Obama met this Monday with prosecutor Lynch and FBI director James Comey, who presented a serious gun control recommendation.


The measures, which could be disputed in the courts by the opposition, seek to prevent more than 100,000 deaths of people by firearms registered in the last decade, ranging from suicides, injuries and aggressions.


“This is a criminal background review system to make it more efficient and prevent bad people from having access to firearms,” said Justice Attorney Loretta Lynch.


In December alone, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) transacted more than three million requests for background checks for potential purchasers of weapons on the internet, street fairs or through companies, the largest number since the attack on schools In Newtown, Connecticut. All 2015 were 22 million of revisions.


The Prosecutor noted that as part of the executive actions, the FBI will increase 50 percent of the staff assigned to the background check.


The goal is for the Federal office to have a review system that operates 24 hours a week, and can also notify the authorities in real time when it detects an illegal purchase of weapons.


Lynch noted that the rules will make it clear that all people who sell weapons must be subject to regulations.


As part of fiscal year 2017 budget, Obama will request $200 million to increase office staff of Alcohol, tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), plus a special $500 million budget to increase Investments in access to mental health.


The president also instructed the National Defense and security departments to explore state-of-the-art technology to have safer weapons, since many of the firearms deaths are accidental.


“Jointly adopted, these steps have the capacity to make our communities safer,” said presidential advisor Valerie Jarret.


Critics of Barack Obama’s firearms regulation actions argue that none of the measures could have prevented the most recent violent incidents in the US.


But Obama, who will announce the action tomorrow at the White House, defended his actions, although he acknowledged that these will not mean the end of a phenomenon that every year takes the lives of thousands of Americans.


“While we have to recognize that this will not solve every violent crime in this country, it won’t prevent every mass shootout, or prevent criminals with firearms, potentially saving lives,” the president said to the media.
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