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iPhone Cooks Human Brains

Have you noticed that wherever you place your iPhone, a strange buzzing sound emits from any device with a speaker? The obvious conclusion is that Apple’s ubiquitous device is secretly locating "weaker" electronic devices and assimilating them wirelessly into the global Apple conglomerate of grid enabled hardware. Another is that perhaps the devices are emitting an abnormal amount of RF energy directly into your skull, irradiating your brain and instigating an accelerated gene mutation for Apple’s next product – the grid enabled iHuman.

Alas, none of the aforementioned scenarios are entirely accurate. Some enterprising technophiles investigated the RF interference from the iPhone and came to the less obvious, though more likely, conclusion. Yes, iPhones (and other GSM devices) produce more output RF than other devices, but these devices all still comply with FCC output regulations. It is, in fact, your "cheaper" electronic purchases that are not electronically shielded (as per Part 15 of the FCC rules) and thus are the source of spurious emissions. Such interference is well known by radio hobbyists, who must deal with not only reducing interference with their reception but comply with FCC rules on their transmissions as well.

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I... Human??? by NomadSoul

I for one welcome our new grid enabled iHuman future. That way, we can sign a single user license agreement when we are born, spelling out our duties to Apple Corp. No more of this pesky "independent thought" for me! More trouble than it’s worth, that is.

Not only that, but a universal license agreement would prevent the development of dangerous technologies—because, as it says in the iTunes Terms of Service agreement (section g):

"You also agree that you will not use these products for any purposes prohibited by United States law, including, without limitation, the development, design, manufacture or production of nuclear, missiles, or chemical or biological weapons."

And here I wanted to make some WMD’s… that’s right, weapons of mass dance-struction—all part of my cunning scheme to turn the world into a giant nightclub.

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Interference by VnutZ

Something does both me about the interference though. Now, if a cheap piece of electronics has some signal induced in unshielded wire and introduces that noise through a speaker, that’s one thing. But I have a high quality radio scanner that if it’s close enough to the iPhone, can get locked into stations that aren’t transmitting … and those stations are nowhere near the 2.4Ghz bands for WiFi or the bands used in 3G.

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