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Yellowstone Volcano Bigger than Previously Expected

Yellowstone National Park is an enormous wildlife preserve located predominantly in Wyoming and is famous for such spectacles as Old Faithful. But it’s also known for sitting atop a supervolcano which is defined as capable of producing an M8 degree eruption spewing one trillion metric tons of ash and other debris filling at least 100 cubic miles. Researches have brightened the day by discovering Yellowstone isn’t just a big supervolcano, it’s significantly bigger than previously thought. So when Mother Nature finally decides to end Yellowstone’s 600,000 year explosive lull, will it pretty much spell the end for much of North America?

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I saw a program like this on NG recently which claimed that a similar eruption on Sumatra a couple of hundred thousand years ago almost destroyed all life on earth. The emerging homo sapiens species only survived because it was able to use its developing intelligence to find food and shelter, and its language skills to cooperate share and survive. Even so, it was knocked down to a total population of less than 2000 and was an endangered species for some years after.

I think that NG is rather inclined towards sensational exaggerations in the ratings game at present, so this account is probably not true. But it makes you think. Perhaps in the distant past man faced another climate crisis and survived it.

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