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Why Host My Blog on OmniNerd?

There are a few reasons why starting a blog on OmniNerd would have advantages over one hosted elsewhere:

  • Better visibility – OmniNerd.com has a reasonably high Google PageRank – as do many of the articles. This means stuff on OmniNerd will show up higher in search engine results. For example, do a search for "underground sprinkler system; and you’ll see an article I wrote on the topic is on the front page. Search for "c++ fixed width; and you’ll see another OmniNerd article as the top listing. I could list many more, but my point here is I seriously doubt this could have happened if I would have posted the content on Blogger or WordPress. Additionally, any blog entries that are accepted to the "coffee shop" and are posted to the front page will be especially visible.
  • Expanded audience – Since OmniNerd already has a decent readership, you’ll likely get more feedback than if you started from scratch elsewhere. In addition to those to whom you publicize, you’ll get those to whom OmniNerd publicizes. This means more points of view, more comments, (probably) better discussion, etc.
  • Statistics – OmniNerd tracks various data points on its content, including hits and votes. Some of these are available on your user page now, but even more will be later. If you like following this kind of stuff (like I do), then this is a big advantage.
  • Access to the coders/owners – On OmniNerd you’re dealing with original code and can contact the coders to give feedback. This means if you’re a consistent blogger on OmniNerd and have a feature you’d really like, there’s a chance a simple email could get it for you.
  • The nerd factor – Face it; nerds are just better than non-nerds. Why blog somewhere non-nerdy when you can blog somewhere nerdy?
    So, go ahead and start your O-Nerd blog. Free your inner-nerd.

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First, let me say good job to the development team. I’ve been reading now for a few months and I like the new site better than the old one, but let’s be honest. It leaves much to be desired in terms of blogging:

  • No RSS. No one who reads my blog reads OmniNerd that I know of. How am I supposed to promote a blog here on my current blog?
  • No image posting. Even the worst free blogs on the net offer images.
  • Statistics? Ha. I suppose next you’ll tell me you have more to offer than a blogger+analytics combo?
  • Audience? I like the article content here, but otherwise the site mostly seems dead to me. I’ve got over 50 friends checking my MySpace and Facebook accounts. Are you saying you can compete with that exposure?
  • Visibility? Just for kicks I searched for "nerd; Didn’t see this site in the matches. Who searches for "c++ fixed width" anyway?

It’s not that I wouldn’t. But it’s not the best in its class currently. I trust this will get filed under "Access to the coders/owners."

Cheers, JB

6. The contents of my blog do not fit with the theme of Omninerd.

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