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Virtual World - Real Terrorists

Most people are aware of terrorism, but relatively few may know about Islamic terrorism’s latest venue – Second Life. Law enforcement officials from around the world are becoming increasingly concerned that jihadists may be using the virtual realm as a way to recruit, transfer funds and even launch virtual terrorist attacks. Although some of these "griefing; attacks are carried out by game specific groups, such as the Second Life Liberation Army, experts believe that some "virtual atrocities" might have been the products of genuine Islamic militants. Rohan Gunaratna, a terrorism expert in Singapore, says in the past three months he has seen approximately 12 terrorists who have taken on Second Life avatars. Gunaratna believes these people could very well be looking to form an online community of jihadists. The potential for money transfers through Second Life is also a major concern for law enforcement. With close to $1 million per day exchanged in Second Life, the opportunity for terrorists to conduct terrorist business in the virtual world remains very real.

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