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Top OmniNerd Content of 2010


With a new year upon us, here’s a quick look back at some of the top content on OmniNerd from 2010 in various categories. The year started with a major aesthetic upgrade when Mark rolled out the fifth version of the site which really improved the user experience. With that new interface, nerds contributed 252 new articles, 200 links, 35 books and 60 polls all while debating each other with 5103 comments. While we registered 417 new users, there was an unfortunate level of spam to that metric where diligent moderators killed off 136 advertisements. Alexa has some statistics on us (showing we’re oddly popular in China). Let’s see what the OmniNerds have in store for us content-wise for 2011.

With V5, OmniNerd eliminated the moderated content queue and turned towards an automated queue manager that scored content for its attributes and activity. The system is not yet self-aware, so any fears of the Great Purge can be set aside for now. Throughout 2010, the ten articles scoring highest with OmniNerd’s content AI were:

  1. A Short Look into a Phishing Email 1
  2. The Nature of Time and Biblical Creation Arguments
  3. Anti-Abortion Super Bowl Ad
  4. Scientology: We’ve Had It With You 1
  5. The Poor Among Us
  6. Troubleshooting a P0129 OBDII Code
  7. OmniNerd Version 5
  8. Apple and Microsoft: A Tale of Two Companies 1
  9. Law Enforcement or Military Enforcement
  10. How My “Healthy Eating” Has Changed

The most heavily commented content varied somewhat evenly between polls and articles. There was plenty of content following the top ten with highly active discussions as well, but these had the most:

  1. God Before Country in the Military (758)
  2. Scientology: We’ve Had It With You (478)
  3. Law Enforcement or Military Enforcement (113)
  4. As a historical figure, Jesus would be classified as? (94)
  5. Ground Zero Mosque (84)
  6. US State Happiness Studied (72)
  7. Will you send a personal donation to Haiti? (70)
  8. Obama’s first year in office? (68)
  9. The Nature of Time and Biblical Creation Arguments (62)
  10. The leak of US documents over Wikileaks? (57)

From Google Analytics, it turns out some of the oldest content remains the most popular with non-registered readers across the Internet.

  1. Pattern Analysis of MegaMillions Lottery Numbers (131,711 views)
  2. How To Install an Underground Sprinkler System on a Budget (75,295 views)
  3. 4WD vs AWD and the Fallacy of Snow Traction (31,920 views)
  4. How To Beat Traffic Mathematically (27,001 views)
  5. Best R Rated Movies of the Past 10 Years (24,704 views)
  6. Improve MPG – The Factors Affecting Fuel Efficiency (24,137 views)
  7. Fix Memory Card Error on BlackBerry Without Computer (19,080 views)
  8. How To Build a Glass Mosaic Tile Fireplace (14,722 views)
  9. Internet Weather Forecast Accuracy (12,505 views)
  10. Is a Hybrid Worth It (11,227 views)

Other interesting tidbits and breakdowns from Google Analytics.

  • Search engines obviously drove most of our traffic, but Google continues to destroy the competition:
    • Google 68%
    • Yahoo 4%
    • Bing 3%
  • A lot of users are stuck using Internet Explorer, but compared to the OS breakdown, at least it shows “choice” at work:
    • IE 42%
    • Firefox 28%
    • Safari 14%
    • Chrome 11%
  • For browser reported operating systems:
    • Windows 75%
    • Macintosh 16%
    • Linux 3%
    • Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) 3%
    • folks have even used PS3s and Wiis
  • Which 1% of you are still using dial-up?

1 These articles were also amongst the top four most voted upon (both positive and negative) by site nerds. The fourth article was Ground Zero Mosque.

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In China? by Anonymous

Really? OM is popular in China? Well I guess their firewall and filter doesn’t filter out everything. I thought they might filter Omni-nerd due to some of its content but I guess not…

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