Top 6 Tech innovations of 2009

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6 – Google Wave


Google Wave may very well have been one of the greatest developments of the decade! In spite of the challenges that Google faces with marketing it as a viable network solution; and its potential to be integrated with Google’s Chrome OS. Google has created a solution that has essentially integrated everything we love about the net, email, chat, social media, and widgets into a system that not only connects the user with all sorts of information but also with other users, and it does it seamlessly and cross-platform. Google is putting themselves in an excellent position to become a choice medium on devises such as the much anticipated Apple Tablet . Look for this product to explode onto the market once all features are integrated and released.

5 – The iMac


I know what some of you are thinking, “The iMac is so two thousand and late!” But really though, here me out. The iMac has a rich history for Apple. It was Steve Jobs’ first mighty deed after being welcomed back to the fold; oh, don’t say you don’t remember the bubble gum colored all-in-ones of the late 90’s! This product single-handedly brought Apple out of its own deep recession! So, what makes it so much better in 2009? This is by far Apple’s best value product, it provides consumers exactly what they want, no more no less. In 2009 Apple released the quad-core iMac with a giant screen (21.5 and 27 inch), that is wall-mountable, and all in one. Wall -mounted flat screens have been becoming more and more ’smart’ the past few years and this one is by far, the smartest!

4 Ubuntu Linux


This OS has been a long time coming! As a Linux Sys admin I have been tracking Linux Distributions for well over 15 years. It’s high time a consumer friendly OS has come out with the capacity to outperform anything on the market. (Ubuntu has a Debian engine) Ubuntu Server was showcased in 2009, demonstrating that Open Source developers were ready to bring the almighty Linux down to the average Administrators level, and bring it with ease and style! Ubuntu had some help in 2009 though, Microsoft has spent 2009 trying to get consumers to forget the word “Vista” and forget many have done! Ubuntu provided a key alternative for a small class of consumers looking for something light and stable. 2010 may well be an uphill battle for Ubuntu though, we expect some great things from Google’s Chrome OS

3 Windows 7


i’m sure by now you’ve read all of the reviews on Windows 7 and how great it is. The reality is though, that it will forever be known much like its Windows Millenium vs Windows 2000 predecessor “The OS that was better than Vista”. Vista was a bloated ball of mess; it added fire to the fuel of Gnu junkies like myself that wanted badly to see Microsoft burn. But alas, after so great a fall even I wanted to See Windows 7 succeed. Microsoft finally listened to the consumer and removed the bloated subsystem and legacy code and even integrated a nifty Windows XP emulator right into the OS. (Not unlike Parallels for the Mac, or, more appropriately, do you Mac Addicts remember the OS 9 emulator for the first distro of OS X??) All in all one of the other major reasons Microsoft made the list this year is that it’s making some considerable efforts to make some portion of their products open source, and that’s something that can simply NOT go ignored!

2 Amazon Kindle


Okay, so the Kindle isn’t “New” technology either, I purchased the Sony Reader a few years back, complete with the e-ink technology and mp3 player. Unfortunately, Sony wasn’t the right company to own the product, they no nothing about books, nor do they care to, the product was uninspired. Amazon on the other hand, has been selling books (among other things) for quite a few years now and its high time they released a product that freed consumers from the confines of their computers. The Kindle is another excellent example of giving the consumer exactly what they want, no more, no less.

1 Twitter


This was Twitter’s year for sure. When twitter first came out they were surely the step-child of the tech world. For techies like myself, it was an appreciated next logical step, when you want bleeding edge information and bleeding edge speeds twitter provided that medium. In 2009 Twitter became something else after demonstrating its massive utility and appeal during the debates in the primaries in 2008, people started noticing, and in 2009 when that woman was killed after the election in Iran and people there started tweeting minute by minute accounts of the event, people began RESPECTING it for the first time. It was an amazing shift in public opinion about the product. Twitter will forever be known as the engine that brought the world several inches closer!

What are some of your favorite technologies of 2009?

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