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Supernova Explosions May Affect Earth Life

Typically, supernova explosions are exciting events for only astronomers and researchers. Until now, a supernova explosion millions of light years away had no knowledgeable affect on the common population besides providing a unique spectacle in the night sky. At the Goddard Flight Center, Brian Thomas has studied the effects astronomical explosions have on Earth. After adding the visible spectrum to his study, which had previously been omitted in favor of X-rays and Gamma rays, Thomas discovered an enormous amount of low frequency light (in the blue range) could reach Earth from deep space and illuminate the night sky enough to be able to read. Such radiant energy could actually affect mammal life by triggering responses in the Pineal Gland, largely responsible for body rhythms and rest. Thomas’ experiments conclude Earth’s organisms could be affected by supernova as "close" as 100 million light years, although the significance of the effects may vary.

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