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Stereo Code for 2003 Honda Civic

I learned a few things when my 2003 Honda Civic hybrid car battery went dead last week (beyond the obvious "don’t leave your headlights on overnight"):

  • A hybrid (well, this one at least) has a regular car battery in addition to the motor assist batteries.
  • This battery can be jumped just like all the others.
  • The most annoying thing about the battery dying isn’t bringing it back to life. Rather, it is needlessly driving to the nearest Honda dealership to get the code to unlock the stereo.

I realize this same information might be in the user manual, but for those of you (like me) who don’t have immediate access to one, here’s how to save yourself the trip to the dealer:

  1. Turn the car on (or at least power on the stereo).
  2. Hold down station preset buttons 1 and 6 simultaneously.
  3. Record the stereo serial number that will display.
  4. Call your dealership and provide serial number to obtain code.
  5. Enter code via station preset buttons after powering on the stereo.
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yep.. by AnonBCA

Yeah I own an 05 civic and the same thing happened to me! Good info.

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lghmary by Anonymous

I tried holding down the 1 and 6. Called my dealer and the code they gave me had an 8 in it, but my stereo only goes to 6. Having a very hard time getting the code. Please Help……anyone….

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more info by Anonymous

Thank you. It was good info but my code was available inside the dashboard. NO need of calling the dealer.

i can’t unlock my radio i bought a salvage car and the radio is lock my radio serial number is 40057180 please help me i need to unlock my radio thanks

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i have the code by Anonymous

I have a 2003 honda crv. My battery was replaced and I need to enter my code for the radio. I have the code and the card says to enter the code twice, but when I put the code in I get an error message. Any thoughts?

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civic 03 by mutaz89

ineed the code for this SN:JHMES95653 S023721

I tried your instructions and when I press 1 and 6 simultaneously it reads 1 Code. But doesn’t show the serial number. Can you help me.

Thanks Kim

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Code by Anonymous

Hi guys I need code for my Honda civic hybrid 2013 with serial number U2800 l2720 and thank you soo much

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Code by Anonymous

Hi guys I need code for my Honda civic hybrid 2013 with serial number U2800 l2720 and thank you soo much

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