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Soldiers Argue for Morale Porn

Not too long ago, a decision was made regarding the matter of selling adult reading material at military PX/BX facilities (Post Exchange/Base Exchange) such that it would no longer be made available. Part of the logic involved the usual argument about pornography, another part alluded to a higher standard of morality for soldiers and yet another portrayed the material as contributing to criminal acts of sexual violence between soldiers. The first part of the measure required AAFES (Army Air Force Exchange Service) to move publications like FHM and Maxim into the adult material section, having their covers hidden behind a high divider. The next initiative will remove all these magazines from the shelves completely. Already, the soldiers stationed abroad and deployed in combat zones have begun protesting the action, arguing it will harm morale. "It’s bad enough we are down there to begin with. Taking that away would be like a knife in the chest. I’m not saying I’m depending on Maxim to keep me alive over there, but it helps."

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Walking the fence by Brandon

It seems odd a PX/BX would or wouldn’t stock the same magazines as a typical store. If they’re safe for the public, then they’re safe for military, right? That being said, I don’t have a problem with moving such material to a separate section and hiding their covers (for both the public and the military).

As for the effect such could have on the morale of soldiers, I guess it depends on the morals of the soldier. You can’t really generalize that sort of thing.

as: "Soldier Argue for Moral Porn"

Very different meaning. (Jebediah Long and Chastity Coupling in,
Going Down on the Farm. )

Agree with Brandon that a separate section and blinders on the cover is appropriate but if you take it further they’re just ticking off trained guys with guns. Not to mention approaching an actual First Amendment issue.

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