Software Bloat

Citation: VnutZ, Software Bloat,, 09 October 2011, accessed on 26 August 2016 from
Tags: software, computing, operating systems, and programming

Modern operating systems have really packed on the fat. Depending on your hardware, it’s pretty easy to see a fresh install of Windows consuming not just a lot of disk space but a good chunk of available RAM as well. Even Linux, which is notorious for running lean, has some hefty requirements if it’s not pared down. Microsoft is definitely thinking hard about the Windows fat bulge in a recent MSDN blog discussing how Windows 8 has a fundamental requirement to not exceed the needs of Windows 7 hardware, and preferably come in even lighter. Of course, while Windows 8 is aiming to just “not grow fatter”, enterprising Linux enthusiasts have managed yet another lean port where the OS can execute entirely in javascript.