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Showcasing The Good Stuff

For veteran OmniNerds, the new side menu addition may seem very reminiscent of the old version 2 "pulse" that was at the top of the front page. It’s a new feature that we’re calling the "showcase" and we intend to do just that, i.e., showcase content on the site that might otherwise get lost in the mix.

For now, there are only a few items to browse through, but more will be coming soon. While we’re working on these additional items, we’d like your input. What content would you like to showcase? Throw out your ideas in the comments and we’ll see what we can do.

You’ll notice a few other changes on the site: the communism/democracy/oligarchy is dead and gone, the login works a tad differently, and some of the style has changed oh-so-slightly. We’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeves that we’re going to add in this summer so keep your eyes peeled.

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This is great by Anonymous

I like that it’s on all pages. Instead of recent comments (or maybe in addition to), I’d like to see active posts with many recent comments, or even the most active comment threads. I really like the discussions on this site but it seems they’re often tucked away. I hope this helps. Glad to see some new features.

Despite the fact that the new side panel is a convenient and compact way to view content either chronologically or by popularity, it also seems like it might give new life to the Nerd-It system, which in the past I don’t think has been used as much as originally intended. For instance, when the panel first came out, I was surprised to find myself at the top of the “nice guy” list for Nerd-It ‘vote-ups’. (Even more than the benevolent Brandon…) I now see that user smcbride has surged ahead of everyone in a wild philanthropic Nerd-it-giving spree, vaulting himself to the top of the list; just because, I suspect, there is a list now.

“Nerd-Its” are really the only way of gauging the popularity of content on Omninerd just as similar systems in use by sites such as Digg or Del.icio.us are used to gauge their content popularity.

So, a question for users — What are your thoughts on the Nerd-It system, and are there any other ways or methods you can think of for rating content or displaying current popularity information?

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Nerd Trends by wyldeling

I’d like to see two things added to the nerd trends portion. First, a list of highest ranking nerds. I liked that feature of v. 2. Second, I’d like to see who has been on recently.

The nerd-trends highlights a small point for abusing the nerd-it system. I hadn’t posted any new books in my booklist for a while, so I added about 20 last night. (Also, I was lagging way behind Will, and I consider him the person to beat.) Generally, when posting I use a 3-ish "star" system, +1 Nerd-it – recommend, +0 – indifferent, -1 – don’t recommend. Well, most of the books I posted last night, I liked. So, after giving the "Voted up" list the fits (it wouldn’t show for several minutes), I find that not only am I on the list, I’m in the middle of it.

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