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Save time, Save energy.

While lawmakers may not agree on drilling in an Alaska wildlife refuge or raising automobile fuel economy in the huge energy bill under consideration, they seem to agree with Ben Franklin’s suggestion that making better use of summer daylight saves candles. Now they’re looking to extend daylight saving time as another facet of the energy bill currently under debate.

Without establishing a clear standard for DST implementation throughout WWI, WWII, and after, the U.S. finally codified the standards for implementing DST with the Uniform Time Act of 1966. Now lawmakers are looking to extend the current DST period further. The House has already amended the pending energy bill to extend DST an additional two months, from the first Sunday in March to the last Sunday in November, as a means to save energy candles. The Senate is expected to agree on at least this part of the bill. If passed, the energy effects of this change in the U.S. aren’t negligible, equaling about 10,000 barrels of oil a day, but would only account for a savings of 0.05% of daily energy use. The United States uses energy equaling about 20 million barrels of oil daily.

Indiana’s governor is also pushing to get his state on board to save energy and reduce confusion in the state, as Indiana is currently one of just three states that doesn’t follow DST and functions on screwy "Indiana Time" as a result. (Arizona and Hawaii don’t use DST either.)

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Hammer Time by markmcb

mwhite, I think you’re overlooking a time standard alternative that needs to be considered.

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Rez Time by mwhite

In northern Arizona, the time situation is nearly as confusing as Indiana. Arizona is not on DST, but the Navajo Indian Reservation in northern Arizona is on DST. To make matters worse, the Hopi reservation, which is completely surrounded by the Navajo Reservation does NOT use DST—it is just like the rest of Arizona. Now if you drive from El Paso (through New Mexico and Phoenix) up past the Grand Canyon and out through the four corners, you’ll have to change your clock four times just getting through AZ. Crazy Native Americans. Silly state.

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tv land by Liz_Miracle

I’m just glad to see that television stations are getting involved in it. I mean how are you supposed to know what time your shows start? Geez people, priorities.

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