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Really? You're Paying for AIR!!


Sometimes, I’m really impressed by how marketing gurus can completely exploit the common man’s stupidity. Have you ever seen the Hershey’s Air Delight commercials on TV? They’re the ones that show you their typical chocolate products infused with air (they call them chocolate bubbles) to make a lighter, lower calorie snack. Depending on the sales location, an aerated bar can cost 15 cents more than its non-aerated predecessor. Even cost-per-ounce comparisons show consumers spend more on the overall chocolate in aerated versions. You … Are … Paying … For … AIR!!

I see an arbitrage opportunity in buying up “stock” Hershey bars, melting them down and blasting the gooey mess with an air compressor before selling it back to gluttonous Americans everywhere.

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No Hershey for you! by Occams

Quite right, but…

Advertising executives believe that it is truly hard to underestimate the intelligence of people who are influenced by advertising, and the marketeers are really not interested in communicating with the other kind of people – the kind that know how to think unassisted.
Such perverse people might even think that chocolate is unhealthy!

Thinkers are very few in number in the market segment anyway. This kind of ad is only about brand swapping, not increasing the market size.

You are not their target audience Matt so your awarness of this inanity is of no consequence.

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Of course! by GreatWhiteDork

It worked so well for water, why not sell air?

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