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Pope Speech Targets Britain's Secularism


While on a tour through Britain, Pope Benedict XVI gave a fifteen minute speech before the Queen and her assembled dignitaries. Aside from the typical political jargon, the Pope specifically attacked atheism with an allusion that it inherently leads to Nazi-esque eradication. He also made comments regarding Britain’s need to respect its Christian roots. [Is it me or was Britain’s religious foundation built upon King Henry VIII’s lustful whims? Just sayin’ …] At least the Pope didn’t ride the holy high horse the entire time and admitted his church’s rampant pedophilia matter was a problem, although he referred to it as an illness and a loss of free will.

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It is not the pedophile priests that were his main problem. They were the product of a warped education and recruiting system that took young men who had never lived and made them commit to a life of celibacy and then put them in charge of pubescent teen-agers. The real problem was the Church’s leaders who repeatedly covered up the crimes of the offenders and allowed them to damage more children, over and over. It is these people who should be doing time now as accessories. By all accounts, he was one of them.

No one could call Henry VIII an atheist. He rejected the leadership of Rome in his Monarchy, and he stole the assets of the Catholic church, but he never professed a disbelief in the Christian God.

But you’re right. I have never understood how the Church of England could hold its head up with a serial wife murderer for a founder. I guess that this was the end result of centuries of conflict over the dominance of church or King, going back to Henry II. Once the break had been finally made it had to be made constitutional, and then they were stuck with that highly compromised sect as the official state religion.

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Them's fightin' words by scottb

That speech was loathsome, especially coming, as it did, from an accessory to serial child rape.

Well-known atheist Richard Dawkins spoke yesterday at a rally in London, organized to protest Darth Benedict’s visit, with 10,000 people attending. He made some pretty important points, particularly that Adolf Hitler was a Roman Catholic, not an atheist, that regardless of Hitler’s personal beliefs, it was largely Catholic German citizens who carried out his Holocaust program, and that the Catholic Church, especially in the Germany of Ratzinger’s youth was pro-Hitler.

Here’s video of the speech.

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