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Noewegian tragedy

It did not take long for the conspiracy theorists to come out on this one.
Probably the usual blame the Jews crap, but it did make me think about the potential for it to happen here.

Many Europeans, like many Americans are concerned about the influx of Islamic people and the long term effect that this may have on their safety and security.

Given that most terrorism has come from followers of Islam, in my opinion these fears really do have a validity that cannot be denied. Importing the Jihad is questionable policy. However, these fears are certainly cancelled out by acts such as this that bring on suffering equal to the worst that the Islamic fanatics are ever likely to do.

So what has it achieved other than to damage the anti Islamic immigration cause immensely. Anything that such an evil group as this is opposed to must be a good thing.

Could it happen here in the USA. Sure: why not? We have a higher percentage of armed xenophobic Christian fanatics than anywhere, especially Scandinavia. I can’t think of a single reason, other than that in the USA such a political event would probably have better security with many armed guards present. So they would have to choose a softer target.

In spite of my famous antipathy towards gross generalizations based on race, from my own experience I can only echo the sentiment expressed by so many: that the Norwegians are the most peaceful, open, calm and friendly people that you are likely to meet. They are also smart, brave and tough, so they will react appropriately. A side effect of this travesty is that this friendly, welcoming country is likely to change now, and that will be another tragedy because this world needs more people like them.

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… that the Norwegians are the most peaceful, open, calm and friendly people that you are likely to meet.

Years ago when I was in Norway touring one of the Viking museums in Oslo, I recall the guide telling everyone, “The Wikings were just peaceful traders and merchants.”

On a more serious note, though, it really doesn’t matter where in the world you are. Somebody always doesn’t like somebody else. Law and order only keeps honest people honest but there will always be a threshold at which a disgruntled person doesn’t care anymore and feels a greater reward from making an impactful statement than remaining quiet.

We have a higher percentage of armed xenophobic Christian fanatics than anywhere, especially Scandinavia.

Sigh..just have to get a dig in on Christians don’t you?

A True Follower of Christ would not perform a heinous act such as this; nor would harm a follower of Islam simply for being a follower of Islam.

While I don’t disagree that there are just as many xenophobes here (or even more) I do take some slight offense at calling them ‘Christians’. Oh, they might call themselves that, but based on the simple black and white teachings in the Bible—-that the second greatest Commandment is that we are to ‘love your neighbor as yourself"; they’re ignoring that commandment and need to pull the plank out of their own eye first.

Countries can be friendly and welcoming certainly-but in the face of our global economic meltdown; each nation needs to evaluate carefully their immigration policies; and perhaps (if the situation warrants), even turn away any who are not seeking true political asylum. Certainly the US is in that situation; with statistical unemployment at around 9% and the actual number being probably somewhere around 16-20%. I know a few who have been unemployed over two years now; they’re not on the books anymore because they’ve run the gamut of the safety nets so they’re doing something else. college, ‘odd’ jobs under the table, or some even have spouses who are still employed. However, I know a couple who have none of the above and are staying with family. I’m not talking twenty-somethings here, but people who have been working 20+ years; who have now exhausted unemployment and are exhausting their 401K plans to keep themselves afloat (of course the latter comes at a severe tax burden). Faced with these types of economic catastrophes; it’s time to circle the proverbial wagons; and only let in people who are being persecuted; even then sparingly. But, that’s my opinion.

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