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NetFlix Accounts for 20% of Traffic


NetFlix has been around for well more than a decade. Long ago, the service evolved past just a disc rental service into media streaming. Now, reports indicate streaming NetFlix data accounts for 20% of all US network activity during the 8pm – 10pm prime time window.

On the note of Internet traffic, America has long since been surpassed as the leading users of the network. Asia and Europe now dominate in both user base and through the fastest public networks.

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I got a PlayStation 3 a few months ago. Watching content from Netflix using the PlayStation controller as a remote is great.

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Greed by Anonymous

We as Americans should be one of the best equipped, fastest internet service in the world.. People say the reason we aren’t is because of the land mass of the united states..

Does that mean that majority of the US doesn’t have electricity nor telephone service? A majority of Americans have these services; areas in southern ohio and west virginia don’t have these services.

So what’s the true excuse? To me it’s greed, nothing more. When you’re paying upwards of $60 a month for their low tier service, there’s a problem. You hear about European countries having quadruple our speed for $20 a month. Asia, the same.

Why is this?

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