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NASA Promotes eXtreme Golf

The ever serious scientists, researchers and astronauts of NASA have decided they’ve had enough with the jokes, the name-calling and being labeled as nerds. To combat the problem, NASA has decided to expand on the sports in space program initiated by Alan Shepard’s moon golfing. On Thanksgiving, Russian cosmonaut, Mikhail Tyurin, has been cleared to drive golf balls off the International Space Station. NASA employees don’t intend to stop at using the ISS as a driving range. Not only has the suggestion been made to rename the moon as the X-Moon, NASA has proposed turning the moon into a site for the X-Games. Had NASA become hip earlier, perhaps Apollo 13’s Jim Lovell would have uttered, "Dudes, our spaceship is like sooooo broken."

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That is really sad……these attention seeking nerds in Nasa has my pity…..

This is certainly in response to the extraterrestrial nerds that contacted earth a few years back. At the time, NASA received an intense series of emissions that included “the first 100 prime numbers, the value of pi to 30 decimal points, a diagram of the periodic table and a whole bunch of other dorky stuff,” according to some researcher.

According to the media, White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry said that "the President is excited, but certainly hopeful of future contact with civilizations that are a little more, you know, cool."

From press reports at the time:

The news came as a shock to astronomers, most of whom believed that any existing civilization in outer space would in all likelihood be thousands of years hipper than ours. "At the very least," said Leslie Dowes, Professor of Astrophysics at Harvard University, "we’d hoped the intelligences we’d discover could at least introduce us to other, more ‘with-it’ civilizations in outer space."

Such hopes seem dashed, at least temporarily, by the Palomar transmission. McGuire said that despite repeated scrutiny of the encoded signal, it has not been found to contain any references to sports or cars.

"Apparently, the alien life forms who composed this broadcast had never even been picked in gym class, let alone gone to state in junior varsity," McGuire said. "If the alien’s civilization does have cheerleaders, which I doubt, I’m convinced they’d never even be able to work up the nerve to talk to them."

This NASA golf attempt is certainly an attempt to woo “cooler” forms of life.

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