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Music Purchase Log: October 2009

Music I bought in October 2009:

  • Apers, The – Reanimate My Heart
  • Brand New – Daisy – I love these guys. They’re edgier here than their last, but it’s still great emo.
  • Isis – Wavering Radiant
  • Kill Hannah – Wake Up the Sleepers
  • Lemonheads, The – Varshons – No signs of being any different than their others: really good, but it takes a while to “get it.”
  • Slough Feg – Ape Uprising! – Black Sabbath is back! (In a really good way, I promise.)

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Varshons by gnifyus

For some reason, the most interesting song on the Lemonheads Varshons album for me, was “Yesterlove” originally done by underground British psychedelic rock band Sam Gopal.
What made it interesting was that it was written by Ian Willis who turns out to be none other than Lemmy from Motörhead.

It’s just that it’s such a sensitive classic sounding love-lost ballad, I was surprised it was written by a guy mostly known for his grungy heavy metal career, and the life that went with it.

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