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Music Purchase Log: November 2008

Albums I purchased in November 2008:

  • A. C. Newman – The Slow Wonder – Sounds just like a New Pornographers album.
  • AFISing the Sorrow – Their newer album convinced me to get over the bad taste their live show left in my mouth a few years ago. It was a good call.
  • Against Me! – ’’The Acoustic E.P." – They always seem more "them" unplugged.
  • Bayside – Shudder
  • Bloc Party – Intimacy – Whoa, Nelly. Somebody wanted to experiment a lot here. Still good, though.
  • Fightstar – One Day Son This Will Be Yours
  • Guided by Voices – Earthquake Glue – I finally picked up this heralded album. It’s obvious why it gets so much hype.
  • Jeff Hanson – Madam Owl – A lot like his other releases (i.e., solid singer/songwriter stuff).
  • Opeth – Watershed and Ghost Reveries – Opeth likes to jump genres, and I like Watershed better than Reveries (so far).
  • Plain White T’s – Big Bad World – Another album of great punk-pop (although they seem to lean more on the pop this time).
  • Portugal. The Man – Censored Colors – I’ve come down a little off of my Portugal high, but I think this is their better album.
  • Sharks Keep Moving – Sharks Keep Moving – I like the idea of this band, but I listening to it bugs me. Bust.
  • Snow Patrol – A Hundred Million Suns – Nice. Very nice.
  • Static Lullaby, A – Rattlesnake! – More abrasive than before, but better songwriting.
  • Toadies – No Deliverance – They’re back! I need more time here to let the expectations settle.
  • Unearth – The March – Face. Officially. Melted.
  • Welcome Kings – Daddy’s Hands – Sometimes I can handle the weirdness, and others I can’t. I think I need a lot more listens on this one.

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New Pornographers by bonesaw

I see that you listen to AC Newman and New Pornographers. I was wondering if you thought the NP album “Challengers” was any good. Frankly, I was a little disappointed. “Twin Cinema” and “Mass Romantic” were so awesome, it really surprised me that I didn’t think Challengers was any good.

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