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Methods for Managing and Sharing Photos?

I recently blogged about how I think using Aperture and Picasa is the best way to manage and share photos. I’m curious if anyone has any thoughts on photo software, workflow, etc. Do you have an approach that you think is notably good?

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Social Media by VnutZ

Well – I would never use Facebook to “manage” my photos, but you really can’t argue that it’s about as easy as dirt for sharing them with the people that care to see them.

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So Why Aperture? by VnutZ

Admittedly, I last used Aperture … many years ago somewhere around it’s first iterations. I remember not using it because Photoshop gave me everything I ever wanted in photo-editing and I was content to organize my own files. Since then, I’ve gotten lazy and iPhoto does everything I need for photo organization while still passing the editing off to Photoshop.

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Aperture vs iPhoto by VnutZ

It sounds like you used Aperture almost exclusively for local storage and meta management. Any particular reason iPhoto wouldn’t meet your bill on that?

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Aperture & iPhone by Anonymous

So, if you leave iPhoto I presume that despite being an Apple product, Aperture does not integrate with iTunes and the iPhone for sync purposes?

It does. As far as I know everything you can do in iPhoto/iTunes you can do with Aperture/iTunes.

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RE: Aperture & iPhone by VnutZ

Now that’s interesting to me. Because my other half needs to have things as simple and obvious as they can be which is primarily why we switched entirely to Apple products in the first place.

From what I read online, the concern is more that the pros are worried it’s becoming too much like iPhoto. I think it strikes a nice balance. It’s not as simple as iPhoto just by virtue of the added features, but it’s still very simple compared to things like Lightroom.

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