Jesus ... Dinosaur Wrangler By Day, Carpenter By Night

Citation: VnutZ, Jesus ... Dinosaur Wrangler By Day, Carpenter By Night,, 28 September 2008, accessed on 28 August 2016 from
Tags: dinosaurs, religion, politics, sarah palin, and election

In an American museum showcasing creationism, humans and dinosaurs are depicted as co-existing with one another during the past 6000 years. The idea has been lampooned frequently, to include jokes about a religious coloring book featuring Jesus riding a dinosaur.

As more and more information emerges about Sarah Palin, an anecdote from early in her political career as a mayor came to light regarding her belief in the co-existence of humans and dinosaurs. This quality may endear Palin to the heartland of America and highly conservative voters, but may form a schism with more scientific voters.