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Jehovah's Witnesses, Why Are You Using This Site?

JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES, WHY ARE YOU WASTING YOUR TIME ON THIS SITE? Not that there is fault in the site but that you try to defend your faith before people who probably would not listen to you if they haven’t when spoken to at their door. Such individuals will barrage you here with a plethora of false statements so that you reply with answers which I have seen are not always correct because you evidently haven’t really checked the facts for yourself. Before you quote Jehovah’s organisation it is imperative you know the truth of things yourself.

The Blood Issue taken by JWs is rarely accepted by those who have not first proven (1) God exists; (2) the Bible is inspired by that person; & (3) the letting of it teach God’s feeling on this matter.

No doubt you have already found that the Laws of Thermodynamics prove the existence of God. You saw that the first Law says that energy has never come from nowhere & cannot disappear into nothingness, the total amount of it has & will always be the same. The Second Law states energy can move from a situation of excess (such as our Sun) to fill areas with less energy, but this Law explains the reverse does not & cannot occur naturally. It is also called the Law of Entropy, or sometimes by us laymen the Law of Chaos. Many, if not most, physicists agree that since there is not enough gravity among the existing atomic universe for it to eventually collapse in upon itself to produce another possible bang, that the production of this universe is a unique event. You should have also realised that since that Second Law cannot be broken under natural circumstances, the atomic universe could not appear from energy unless an intelligent Creator was involved. However you will never convince the people you meet on Omninerd because they won’t want to be convinced.

The inhabitants of this site make rash statements such as the Bible being full of myths, contradictions & historical inaccuracies. But since archaeologists (such as Sir Frederick Kenyon) have rubbished such a statement about a century ago, then such rash ones obviously haven’t really researched this for themselves but are parroting off other people’s unsupported dogmas. As a JW you will know the Bible is not a scientific textbook, but when it touches on such matters it is correct. For instance there are 10 steps needed to follow one another for life to appear on a planet.
The mathematical chances of an uneducated person guessing the correct order are 1 in 3,628,800 even if the person knew such requirements! That Bible speaks of the earth being a sphere (not flat), as hanging on nothing (not sitting on an elephant), it highlighted the need for hygiene & quarantine regulations many centuries in advance of scientists & doctors. You are aware of the thousands of accurately fulfilled prophecies which attest to the veracity of the Bible.

There are a lot of other evidences you could call up proving the universe could not come about without a Creator. Similarly there are more evidences of the Bible being that Creator’s handiwork. But you as a JW could type until your fingers were blue in the face (excuse mixed metaphors) & you wouldn’t change the opinions of your adversaries-in-print because they don’t want to risk the possibility of being convinced. The thought scares them worse than a blue-bottomed fly would. It is a long time since I read the evolutionist Le Comte du Noye (my memory says that is the spelling) but his statement that the main reason why he researched the theory of evolution was because the only alternative, Intelligent Creation, was not something he wanted to contemplate indicates this reasoning. The only physics professor I have met in my door to door work was interested in teaching a layman something about his field (he taught me the word entropy applies to the second Law of Thermodynamics) until I took him through how that second Law proved the need of an intelligent Creator, at which point he found he was busy.

So stop wasting your time on this site. If you shut up they will go away & fester over some other issue, & maybe leave JWs alone. But then maybe they wont but it doesn’t matter because shortly none of this matter. Agape. Mr Fuzzbush.

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That’s right!!! If we can’t convert the smart part of the human population[referring to omninerd people] then we gotta go for the dumb ones!! The stupid ones that never question anything and always do as they are told!

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Trip... by wayne.r.keeler


This is an interesting TRIP based on the initial presumption that what you are “explaining/offering” is somehow attractive. J-dubs are very possibly the most gifted salesperson’s for their brand of “religion” I, personally, have ever seen. The GOLD badge for recruiting goes to them.

Fuzz, if we are all such shallow, presumptuous idiots, then educate us. How about a statement, from the J-dub perspective, on the doctrine and techniques used to recruit/convert people into the faith and the methods/doctrine on the exclusivity of it once a member. The media has sparked our simple sensibilities in these matters…maybe you’d like to influence our simple minds from making uneducated assumptions in this regard.

Let your conscience be your guide…


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Fuzzy Logic by Occams

This rant gives the term “fuzzy logic” a whole new meaning.

Mix a little high school physics with a wacky interpretation of the Bible and you have the idiots proof that God exists. The unification of special relativity and quantum mechanics can’t be far away for our Fuzzy.

He’s right about one thing though:

But you as a JW could type until your fingers were blue in the face (excuse mixed metaphors) & you wouldn’t change the opinions of your adversaries-in-print because they don’t want to risk the possibility of being convinced. The thought scares them worse than a blue-bottomed fly would.

Fuzzy will be about as convincing as his blue assed fly on this site until he accepts the conventions and manners that apply here. I thought that some of the other JW nerds were quite good in places. Bambootinger (sp??) on the bloodless gold standard for example. I pity him having to put up with an embarrassing zealot like Fuzzy as a religious mentor.

We nerds hardly ever totally convince each other about anything in our dialogues but we are content to learn respect (or continue to reject) for each other’s views and leave it there. Sometimes our rejections are blunt and without much sympathy but we accept that if it is done in a valid manner. We understand that there is no really good reason for science to respect religion. Whether the reverse is true depends on your particular belief system. Why can’t these Christians cultists be like that? Perhaps they are so accustomed to abuse that they interpret all criticism, even simple disagreement, as being more of that – which it certainly is not..
I have learned a good deal about JW beliefs from this discussion but sadly I have not developed much respect.

There is a weakness in the Omninerd conventions. Our willingness to tolerate anonymous posters means that any idiot can but in and abuse a religious poster and so trigger the kind of emotional exchanges that have in my opinion wasted a week of Omninerd potential. Unfortunately, given their high sensitivity, a valid atheist view bluntly expressed can do exactly the same thing. That’s fine my me, because the latter is constructive rather than abusive, but I hate to see the two confused in the minds of the holy ones, as has clearly been happening.

Omninerd is beginning to look like dozens of other blogs full of infantile minds celebrating their ignorance in mutual abuse. It appears that there are hundreds of religious zealots scanning the internet for key words, all armed with scripture to correct the heretics. I think we need to find a way to tighten up our site protocols before we fall victim to this again and again.

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