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Immigrants Build Their Own Barrier

Labor on the 700 mile span of fence between Mexico and the United States has been slow-going, due to in part to limited funding and protests. In a twist of irony, limited funding has led some contracting companies to cut corners by employing illegal immigrants to build the fence. Golden State Fence was caught employing migrant workers back in 1999. A follow-up investigation revealed the same workers were still employed and building the very fence designed to keep them out of the country.

Despite only recently being authorized by the president, the fence has been a work in progress since 1993. The construction of a border fence has been part of the Bush administration’s package for immigration reform. It is intended to assist border patrol units that are challenged by migrants crossing the open desert, aided by pre-mapped "safe" routes.

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Lesson learned by Anonymous

The lesson here is clear — the U.S. needs immigrant labor. It needs immigrant labor so badly it can’t even build a wall to keep them out without relying on their services. Let’s drop the racism that is creating this desire to kickk out Mexicans and accept that they’re part of the American dreamm too.

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