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IT Security Predictions for 2008

In a report released from Panda Labs, the security company predicts a resurgence of rootkit attacks utilizing compromised bootsectors. Many security packages block attempts to modify a bootsector, and products that incorporate drive encryption (like Vista) will not even boot with a modified bootsector. However, the technology can still be used as a "quick attack vector" by resetting computers and attempting to use USB keys or CDs to boot from and install a bootsector launched rootkit while the primary OS is inactive.

While these more passive vectors continue to exist in the corporate and personal user space, security measures are ramping up in the government and military space. The Air Force Cyber Command announced at the 2008 Cyber Warfare Conference they intend to develop more formal procedures for attacking enemy network infrastructure – "We’re trying to move away from clandestine operations. We’re looking for real physics — a bigger bang resulting in collateral damage." The military expressed their concern for the same attacks transpiring against them in addition to some other vectors – supply side hacking where chips are swapped during manufacture so that recipients can be hacked upon delivery.

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