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How Did Clinton Free Journalists from North Korean Labor Camp

So I’m a little curious on this one … prisoners Laura Ling and Euna Lee who were previously sentenced to twelve years of hard labor in a North Korean labor camp were freed by former President Clinton. How did that happen?

According to the State Department, there were numbers of heavy-weight political figures and distinguished foreign affairs professionals volunteering for the mission of meeting with North Korea to negotiate their release. Several of them were turned down distinctly by the DPRK – yet they chose Clinton. I find this selection somewhat peculiar because he is the individual that nearly ended the armistice for pre-emptive strikes against the Yongbyon reactor in May 1994. He even had OPLAN 5026 created as modification of earlier OPLANS to address the targeting of nuclear facilities, Yongbyon in particular. It was no secret and the North Koreans certainly knew of it as they broadcast the news over KCNA. The core of the entire nuclear North Korea issue centers around the Clinton Administration dealings (I’m no Limbaugh fan, but the facts are facts – try some Reuters if you want an extended timeline).

So you’ve got the man that was the central lead in the US-led pursuit of containing North Korea’s nuclear ambitions in the ‘90s, the man dealing with Kim Jong-il’s father when he died and the man who distinctly was on the verge of ordering military strikes. THIS is the guy North Korea chooses to have a three hour meeting directly with Kim Jong-il and just so happens to get his way now – fifteen years after the fact over an issue of two political prisoners? Weird.

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Well, all that negative history makes Clintons achievement all the more impressive.

Of course the release was all set up by State before he went there. No doubt the certain glory had to be given to a Democrat, and who better than the spouse of the VP?

I guess the P could have sent his own spouse and she would have achieved the same thing, but she would not have had to battle the same hostility as Clinton.

A good result anyway.

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Kim getting HIS way by VnutZ

This was posted elsewhere, "
It was a coup for Kim – he wanted the Prez (when he was the prez) to visit and Clinton wouldn’t. Because Kim is nuts and doesn’t like to be turned down, he ‘forced’ Clinton to appear before him in order to free the two journalists. He thinks he saved face and got his own way at last. Clinton’s wife infuriated Kim a few weeks ago and then recently … Read Moreate humble pie and talked about how ‘sorry’ she was and also the families of the women. Taking that near apology into consideration and the ‘visit’ by the previous president satisfied the mind game that Kim was playing.

Actually, knowing Kim Jong-il’s history and the way he behaves, that is actually a fair assessment.

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