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How Can OmniNerd Help Me Self-Promote?

One of the perhaps lesser-known uses of OmniNerd is its ability to help users self-promote (i.e., bring traffic to an external project or website, such as the site on which I sell my paintings). Here are some tips on how to best go about self-promotion on OmniNerd:

  • Edit your user page by clicking on the "Edit My Page & Preferences" link next to your user name on your Stats & Profile page. The "Text that Appears on your Stats & Profile Page" field can be filled with whatever promotional material you wish. (If you’re familiar with the markup used on Wikipedia, OmniMarkup is similar.) Every time you participate on OmniNerd (e.g., post a comment, list a book, etc.), your user name will link back to your user page. This will both drive traffic to your promotion and improve the quality of the links therein for search engine optimization purposes.
  • Write a blog post on your OmniNerd-hosted blog. Every OmniNerd user has a blog on which he/she can post anything, so once again, the door is open to self-promotion. High quality posts even have the chance to be posted on the front page, which will result in the highest visibility and traffic.
  • Write comments. Just about everything on the site is open for discussion. Books, links, articles, news, blog entries – you can comment on all of them. People will pay more attention (and you’ll get more "nerd-its") if the comments are on-topic and high quality, of course, but you are free to comment with whatever promotional material you like.
  • Post Links (capital "L"). In addition to the ability to post links within other content, OmniNerd has a special section dedicated to posting links with short summaries. Feel free to drop in a link to your site or online article.
  • Add nerd-its to your promotional material. After dropping a link, adding a comment, or blogging your thoughts, be sure to click on the up-arrow to add a "nerd-it." Hopefully others will follow suit and your promotion will gain greater attention.
    Aside from these uncontrolled methods, though, is what I consider the most effective means of self-promotion: writing an article. These are very visible on the site – and on the web in general. Also, OmniNerd will take steps to promote articles, which will drive content to your OmniNerd account and, consequently, all of the content mentioned above.

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