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Hillary, Emotionalism and Politics

A question to Hillary Clinton, posed after the Iowa Caucus loss to Barack Obama, opened the candidate’s armor for a moment. The question seemed innocuous: "How did you get out the door every day? I mean, as a woman, I know how hard it is to get out of the house and get ready. Who does your hair?" With eyes welling up and a cracking voice, the Presidential hopeful responded, "It’s not easy, it’s not easy … This is very personal to me, it’s not just political." video Some voters indicated the emotional response was a deciding factor for them, and the next day Hillary cinched a victory at the New Hampshire polls. Nonetheless, pundits question if her response was merely a one-off from the stress of campaigning. Some have even considered it a campaign tactic. Is America looking for its next commander-in-chief to be less cold — or even emotional?

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Smart by scubasteve

Everything the woman does is scripted and planned to the last detail. If that is what clinched NH for her, then what a performance.

One woman who wasn’t moved by Hillary’s emotion is the woman that asked the question – she voted for Obama.

…this time from the current commander-in-chief…

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