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Ground Zero Mosque


The controversy over a mosque’s construction near Ground Zero has raged on for several months. In recent days, a new twist unfolded as President Barack Obama chimed in with his support, “Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country.” Naturally, conservative pundits have already begun attacking the statements and Republicans are adding the comments to their arsenal for upcoming November elections. The matter generally brings to light that Americans largely feel a freedom to practice religion – as long as its their own religion.

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Near but Not At by thumbs52

The map helps considerably – the proposed mosque is not on ground zero but a block or two away. Anyone who has been to NYC knows that the difference a block makes is remarkable – to a neighborhood, to safety, to commerce.
Ground Zero, as it is called, is empty space. It is not hallowed ground. It should have been built upon long ago. An empty lot is an empty lot. What occurred there was appalling – and it was ten years ago.
One of the most important, basic tenets of our society is Freedom of Religion. That can be, and has been, used as a tool in unscrupulous hands. But the fact of it remains… whether the religion is popular or not. It’s one of our ‘protections’ and needs to be guarded in this time when so many of our rights are compromised by self-promoting groups.

Majority of Americans believe in freedom of religion and that’s not questioned here. What’s questioned is proximity and tact. What’s the motive of building it there where they know it would bring public down on them.

The President’s statements are more of what it was lacking, not the statement itself.

The mosque is fine where it’s being built, but it would be nice to hear their explanation of why they picked there. It’s not that big of a deal if people just started talking and telling the truth.

As a 100% certified New Yorker from the Tribes of Brooklyn currently fighting for your freedom in Afghanistan, I have to say that this really pisses me off.

The people who are opposing this are forgetting why we call this America. I feel embarrassed when I see them protesting.

Are we not New Yorkers, the greatest of all Americans?

Then save that religious bias crap for the Bible Belt!

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park51 or area51? by Anonymous

Don’t you see? it’s a conspiracy! To cover up area51, they made park51 as a distraction. This whole issue is a red herring to the real issue! That is the underwear gnomes are stealing my god damn american beer!! Damn those underwear gnomes!!!


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Alternative? by Anonymous

Has anyone consider building the Mosque, but never let the victims find out about it? I mean the whole argument is based on assumptions that the victims is somehow “re-traumatized” by Islamic symbolisms when they see or know it is there.

Though I don’t know why they would be less traumatized by the constant reminder from the media, the empty space in the twin tower ground, and everything else around them? Are they going to start demanding that the textbook chapters on Islam in school be ripped out too? This is starting to get a little absurd and a little over the top. Being victims doesn’t give the victims more power. It doesn’t work that way. You are victims because you are disadvantaged in someway, and all it gets you is sympathy and a higher moral ground, if you can keep it that way. But as soon as you start demanding irrational and ignorant things, you loose the sympathy and higher moral ground. In fact, people will look down on you and say: “Yeah it’s a real tragedy this happened. I use to sympathize with them, but you know what, since they started to demand such irrational things, I don’t anymore. Because the intolerant people who destroyed our building have the same kind of intolerance as these people.”

So build it, don’t tell them, keep it a secret. I don’t see why not. If Muslim community can agree, it’s another win-win situation. We can call it….“Joe’s Halal advice seeking restaurant”. So on the surface, you go there and you seek advices from Islamic elders and then you have a lunch or dinner together.


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