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Google Wave: Fantastic or Fail?

After reading Markmcb’s article about the new User Profile and Nerd Rank Changes I, for some reason, started thinking about Google Wave. This also came on the heels of watching their official announcement video at I/O 2009. For those O-Nerds that don’t know, Google Wave is a new take on collaboration software (for lack of better word). It’s being developed by the people who came up with Google maps and while I’m still trying to wrap my head around whole idea/concept, it sure as hell looks like the end product has potential. As the developers say in the presentation, Wave is Google’s vision of what email would look like if it was invented today. It’s also being described, from non-Google sources, as “email on crack”. Or as an extremely enhanced central nervous system for many daily internet activities (email, real-time chat, photos, blogs, wikis, etc.), Wave is probably more accurately described as iGoogle on crack. The coolest part about Wave is that it’s primarily an engine and will be open source so that developers can create new extensions and branch this framework in many different directions. However, there are also a lot of folks out there saying its just glorified social networking, it’s too abstract (i.e. will be too hard to explain to others), too many avatars, too many windows, and simply that it won’t have a place in the mainstream. An interesting debate to that affect can be found here.

Thus, I’ll ask the community, what do you think of Google Wave? Could you use more collaboration in your online life? Also, to the developers, would Wave have any impact on content driven sites such as this one?

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I like simple by markmcb

Google Wave at a glance seems like too much to me. I’m all for the “best” way to do things, but I’m also very big on simplicity. I think it’s too early to tell though. I’ve not had the chance to try it out, but despite all the developments in the last 20 years I still prefer plain text email over any other form of communication. I’m not sure this will change things, but I’ll withhold judgment until I get a chance to really put it to the test.

Also, to the developers, would Wave have any impact on content driven sites such as this one?

Again, until I can get my hands on it and the APIs involved it’s hard to assess the potential impact, but I assume it’s no more than any other social networking tool.

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FAIL by VnutZ

I guess time has given us the answer.

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