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Google Trademark Going the Way of Xerox and Kleenex

Fearing business losses following the potential erosion of its brand and trademark, Google "has been sending letters to media organizations informing them that they are using its name incorrectly. In short, it wants to stop the use of ‘google’ as a generic word that refers to surfing the Web." Although many online see such action as being "typical business" and, thus, not in-line with Google’s "do no evil; policy, some think Google might actually see increased profits from the action. After all, people are not going to stop "googling" things and investors might like seeing the Internet giant enforce its branding guidelines.

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haha by Anonymous

Craig Ferguson, you know, the scottish guy that comes after Letterman, use the term ‘google’ in a different meaning. His favorite phrase is ‘I googled myself’ and sometimes he adds ‘and then I thanked myself’.
He must have been on the Google’s mail list.

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