Google Sidewiki Dies in Just Over Two Years

Citation: Brandon U. Hansen (Brandon), Google Sidewiki Dies in Just Over Two Years,, 01 November 2011, accessed on 30 August 2016 from
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This is all you’ll ever see of what Michael Roizen and Dean Ornish have to say about the CDC’s article on Heart Disease Prevention.

It was just over two years ago that Google launched Sidewiki – a browser sidebar allowing anyone to comment about any site. I liked the idea at the time and immediately made a Sidewiki entry … on the page explaining Sidewiki:

Sidewiki^2 – What the what?! A Sidewiki post about the page explaining Sidewiki … that’s … that’s … just craziness.

I moved on and made more important entries … like this one on OmniNerd:

OmniNerd = Awesome (if you’re a nerd) – If you’re a nerd like me, then this is the site for you. Write about the nerdy stuff you’re into – and then discuss it with other nerds. (Okay, okay. I’m an admin on this site. Sue me.)

I even made more posts. I asked for features, reported bugs, recommended sites. It was fun … until I realized I was the only one doing it. (I didn’t need another place to have a conversation with myself; I already had my blog.)

So, I stopped. And now, probably because of me, Sidewiki is going to die. Sad.

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