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Google Launches 'Google Finance'

Google, in its latest move to organize all information on the globe and make it more palatable to the average Joe, has recently released Google Finance. The homepage in its current form displays a stock ticker as well as financial news. The site is set to release more features in the near future, including areas for financial discussions.

This adds to the amount of information that Google is keeping indexed on its servers, which already concerns many people.

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A review by jmarkdavison

I use Yahoo Finance for stocks and Morningstar for funds. After a day or two of using it for quotes, the main feature Google has over these sites is its graphs, which are excellent and far more convenient than those of the competition.
We’ll use this graph for an example: for a quote of Microsoft, the graph allows you to control the period of time you look at. Each day’s close is viewable just by mousing over the day.
Additionally, Google uses letters for you to reference key stories, which is another innovation that makes the graphs superior. Let’s say Microsoft’s stock drops, oh, today for example due to Vista’s delay. In a year when I’m looking at a 2-3% one-day decline I’ll be able to click on the letter "S" and see the headline relating to that drop. That is a really good feature.
That said, Yahoo has Google beat in terms of overall aesthetics, as well as data available. The Google site is too plain jane, although the absence of annoying video and flash ads is nice.
Rather than simplifying things and replacing my other finance bookmarks, Google has complicated my life by making me check one more site. I can’t wait until they take over the world: life will be so much more simpler. As soon as they give me the green Kool-Aid I’ll gulp it down and believe. I already own their stock. Maybe my wife will let me name our next kid Google Davison.

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More background by jmarkdavison

Business Week reports this is a business move for Google, who wants to cut into the business of Yahoo! Finance and MSN Money. The former logged 12 million unique users in February who spent an average of 53 minutes per visit; the latter had 11 million/21 minutes.
The new site ‘could also mean more ad revenue, although Google hasn’t announced plans to display ads on the financial pages.’ For now, Google wants to keep its users on Google sites, rather than refer them to the sites of their now-competition, as it did in the past. Without knowing the costs of standing up the beta site, it’s hard to say if this will increase Google’s profitability.
>Google, in its latest move to organize all information on the globe and make it more palatable to the average Joe…
This mission sounds as noble as "don’t be evil," but I think Google’s true mission is to make money. Not that that’s a bad thing.
What is a bad thing is pretending you’re in it for something you’re not.
Juxtapose "Don’t Be Evil" with the blatant contrast between Google’s actions in the US (not releasing porn-search data) vs. its actions in China (acquiescing to the communists’ desire to censor content).
"Don’t BS Me"

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