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Google Buzz/Wave ... Flops?

So in the past couple of months, Google rolled out some new web products like Google Wave and Google Buzz. As far as Wave is concerned, there was a brief discussion earlier questioning it as fantastic or failure shortly before AnonBCA announced it as one of the top innovations of 2009. I remember reading about Wave scoring well amongst the D&D crowd for allowing them to play virtually through the software, but otherwise haven’t heard about it since. What about Buzz? I saw a few Buzzes show up in my Gmail account within the first two days of its existence and the embedded nature has made it already track on a good majority of my contacts. But that product, too, seems to have crickets chirping loudly in the hallway as not a bit of activity has transpired in it. What do you think, has Google failed completely or are these tools just misunderstood?

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