Good Will Train Becomes Fiery Charnel House

Citation: Will Waddell (willwaddell), Good Will Train Becomes Fiery Charnel House,, 18 February 2007, accessed on 25 August 2016 from
Tags: worldaffairs

India and Pakistan have not had what one would call amicable relations in the past, but many hoped things were changing for the two countries, at least in an official capacity. All is not well in the strained region, however. A fire on board a cross-border train has claimed at least 65 lives and railway officials now suspect that it was an act of sabotage. A spokesman for Indian’s prime minister has gone farther and asserted that the blaze was most likely an "act of terror." Ironically, this train line is one of only two that connect Indian and Pakistan. Service between the two countries was reestablished in 2004 as an act of peace between the neighbors.