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GM to Build a Plug-In Hybrid SUV

MIT’s Technology Review reports that GM plans on making a plug-in variant of the hybrid Saturn Vue. As reported here previously, hybrid vehicles are at a natural disadvantage to internal combustion based vehicles as their higher price tag offsets most of the savings gained from the reduction in gas consumption. However, many hybrids have been modified so that their batteries can be recharged using household electrical power. These vehicles are claimed to achieve 100 MPG, or better, fuel economy. Despite the improvement, the environmental impact of these vehicles remains unclear because in some areas electricity is produced primarily from coal powered plants. But, as "greener" forms of power become more common, the effective emissions from these types of vehicles will decrease. GM has not specified how the plug-in capabilities will alter the current price of $22,995 nor the fuel economy of 27 MPG city / 32 MPG highway.

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