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Ford Considering a Plug-In

Consumer Affairs is reporting that Ford is seriously considering the development of a plug-in hybrid. The auto manufacturer has been a long-standing second-best in US sales, but has come under fire after posting bleak numbers of late. The plug-in hybrid, if successfully lobbied by organizations such as CalCars, could give Ford a new face – but will it be pretty enough to turn the company around?

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Caculation by starm_

If you plug the specs of the rumored Honda Fit Hybrid (56-66 mpg, $1,800 premium) in figure 12 of Brandon’s analysis I think the cost come close to even.

I heard something rather distressing today on the Atomic Podcast today about Ford’s hybrid SUV. I guess the 300VDC battery pack is only protected by a carpet back in the cargo area. I hope that isn’t true. If it is, I think Ford needs to re-look that. Not to pick on Ford, or on hybrids at all, but location and protection of the batteries from getting shorted out by dripping scuba gear would be kind of important.

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