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Extreme Prophet Devotion


It’s been nearly five years since the world was surprised by the Muslim community’s response to the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons. Such things have happened on and off again since then with the most recent being bans of Facebook by both Pakistan and Bangladesh over prophet satire. While Pakistan has since lifted the ban, the sentiment against the West still broils for improperly portraying Muhammad and government leaders. One Pakistani lawyer has gone as far as petitioning for the death penalty for Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook’s founder).

So I’ll tempt fate and put markmcb’s life in jeopardy as OmniNerd founder with an image of the prophet from SouthPark. Now before everyone goes pointing the finger calling all Muslims devotional fanatics, realize that it wouldn’t be too hard to stir up a giant conservative, Christian rally (especially in the south) through some well placed arguments that “Jesus Was A Socialist” (think about it).

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… Muhammed jihad.

Believers in Islam do not have any more right to not be offended by the media than anyone else. We all, and all our beliefs, are fair game for ridicule in a free world. The only prohibition is on incitement to racial violence.

Offending beliefs is a very important role for the media. There are no exceptions. There should be much more of it, and religion should be a prime target because it seeks to change us.

Terrorism seeks to influence us through media coverage. These fanatics need the media, and so they should get both sides of it. Too bad if nice Muslims are offended. It is important now that we understand all aspects of their religious beliefs in order to defend ourselves.
One way we develop understanding in America is through satire, humour, and criticism, which is often very poorly founded in conservative xenophobic America. Poor criticism begets learned responses and eventually our general understanding improves. Nonsense is exposed for what it is.

There is no alternative available here because no one here wants to read boring foreign religious texts, or to listen to the preachings of zealots.

They should react with explanation rather than indignation.

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